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A Global Nexus for Open Source Innovation

The global tech landscape is replete with innovations, and much of its foundation is built upon the ethos of open source collaboration. At the forefront of championing this collaboration stands GOSIM, a platform dedicated to nurturing the brightest grassroots open-source projects from their inception to maturity.

GOSIM emerged from the shared vision of a global open-source community. Organized by and for the community, this entirely volunteer-based endeavor has one prime objective: to provide a stage where innovative open-source projects can shine, collaborate, and evolve. It's not just a platform; it's a movement. One that wholeheartedly embraces an open, diverse, and inclusive culture. If a project is global, innovative, grass roots ,and open-source, it has found its home at GOSIM.

Organized by and created for the open-source community.

Subscribes to an open, diverse, and inclusive culture.

Volunteer based.

The Three Pillars of GOSIM

Our Founders

Michael Yuan

Michael is the maintainer of WasmEdge Runtime, a cloud native WebAssembly sandbox project under CNCF. He is the author of six books on software engineering.

Jiang Tao

Mr. Jiang Tao is the Founder & Chairman of CSDN, the professional developers community in China. With a dynamic career spanning 30 years, he has melded expertise in software, the internet, and the entrepreneurial realm. He's has led projects like the Giant Handwriting Computer, Kingsoft Ciba, and Haojie Super Software. In addition to founding CSDN, Mr. Tao Jiang also founded Programmer Magazine, ITCAST Education, and Geek Founders Ventures. As an astute investor, Jiang has strategically anchored in over 80 high-tech startups. Deeply rooted in championing software and open-source advances in China, Mr. Jiang Tao served as executive member of the Open Source Development Committee of the Chinese Computer Society, the deputy secretary general of the Chinese Computer Society, the member of theIntelligent Application Branch of the Chinese Software Association, and the executive director of the Chinese Inventors Association.

Three Pillars of GOSIM

1. GOSIM Conference:
Held annually, this conference is a confluence of minds from various spheres of the open-source domain. Whether you're a strategist, an architect, a researcher, or simply an enthusiast, theGOSIM Conference offers a deep dive into the world of open source technology trends, strategies, governance, and best practices.

2. GOSIM Workshop: This is where the rubber meets the road. Also an annual event, the GOSIM Workshop is all about action – open-source project design, code development, hackathons, competitions, and discussions. It's tailor-made for project leaders, developers, and maintainers who wish to actively shape the future of open-source.

3. GOSIM Fellowship: Beyond the annual gatherings, the heart of GOSIM beats year-round through itsFellowship program. It's an ongoing initiative supporting open-source project development, generously backed by sponsors and grants.

A Call to Embrace the Open Source Revolution
In the digital age, where barriers are constantly being broken and horizons expanded, GOSIM stands as a beacon for all open-source enthusiasts. It's more than just a meetup; it's a revolution. By fostering global collaboration, diversifying the tech ecosystem, and sharing unparalleled knowledge, GOSIM is not just shaping the present of open source; it's forging its future. For those who believe in the power of open source, in its potential to redefine the contours of technology, GOSIM beckons. Join the movement. Be a part of the open-source revolution.

Upcoming Events

Come explore the world of open-source innovations with us!

September 23-24, 2023

The essence of the GOSIM workshop revolves around championing and enhancing open-source contributions and utilization. We are thrilled to announce that we have already secured a line-up of esteemed speakers who will be representing a host of open-source LLM models and infrastructure projects, including Big Code, StarCoder, OpenBMB, Panda LLM, ColossalAI, Mindspore, and more.

Early-Stage Showcase: Spotlight on innovative open-source projects
Collaboration Bridge: Global leaders meet local enthusiasts
Youth Empowerment: Hands-on training for students
Open-Source Culture: Promoting global adoption and values
Engage & Shape: Be part of the open-source future
September 26, 2023

GOSIM Conference is for Users, Strategists, Business Executives, architects and Open-Source Experts. With GOSIM 2023, you'll have the opportunity to network with industry experts, collaborate with fellow open source enthusiasts, and gain invaluable insights from pioneers in their respective fields. Our conference is driven by volunteers who share a passion for open source and believe in its potential to shape a better future.

Insights: Illuminate emerging technological paradigms
Connections: Engage with the luminaries of the industry
Collaborations: Forge alliances with open-source leaders
Investments: Discover open-source sponsorship opportunities
Participations: Immerse oneself in the vibrant community